ICC Alpha — Discovery phase round up

26 September 2013

Over the last few weeks, we’ve been examining who uses the ICC website, how they use it and what they need from a new ICC website. We’ve used three main techniques:

  1. Data from web analytics – Helps to understand users, uncover usage patterns, see most popular content and use search logs to see what people are looking for.

  2. Web survey – Over 400 people answered the website survey in the last few weeks.

  3. Telephone interviews – We have conducted interviews with users from the different audiences from around the world including the general public, journalists, NGOs, academics, lawyers and diplomats.

We’ve also talked to representatives of the ICC organs and other stakeholders about what they need from the website.

All this work (which will be available here in the coming weeks) will guide and shape the next phase.

We’ll be working in “sprints” building “potentially shippable increments” of the website. That means we start with the most important user needs and we design, build and test something to meet those needs, then we move on to the next sprint and repeat the process for another set of user needs. It’s an exciting and effective way to work on the digital products and we hope it will work well at the ICC.

If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to comment below or contact the Public Information and Documentation Section.

Getting to Know Us: The Team

23 July 2013

We Are Thought Fox team call

Here’s a snapshot of our first official We Are Thought Fox meeting of 2013. You can tell it’s all serious business. Thanks for the props Google+ Hangouts.

Design Files: Barjeel Art Foundation painted stencil logo

23 July 2013

Barjeel Art Foundation spray design

I’ve been digging through my archives and I stumbled upon a particularly fun moment from our Barjeel Art Foundation redesign. One ambitious tangent we explored was a spray paint logo which would be part of a viral, youth-oriented campaign. Messy and fun!

Design Files: WATF Cards

23 July 2013

ICC website make mantra graph

Our new business cards have arrived!

Want some? Get in touch, we’re giving these babies out for free.

Getting to know us: Una

23 July 2013

Designs for iPad for Maclean’s

Great design is central to We Are Thought Fox and our process respects the time required to achieve it. Each of us started off working in ‘traditional’ media and in many ways that helped teach us the fundamentals in a way that perhaps learning digitally wouldn’t have.

My design life started about 8 years ago when I graduated from Toronto’s weirdest landmark—Ontario College of Art & Design. Since then I’ve had the chance to design, art direct and illustrate for some of Canada’s most exciting publications and collaborate with some inspiring people.

Here are a few of the wild and wonderful projects I’ve been lucky enough to participate in:

Maclean’s: Canada’s weekly news magazine

I spent many late nights designing and making digital collages in a fast-paced news environment. After paying my dues, I was rewarded with digging through the magazine’s 100+ year history in order to inspire a magazine re-design and launch their revitalized online presence.

Canadian Business: the country’s oldest business publication

I contributed to a complete rebrand of the magazine with the intent to make it vibrant, contemporary and not-just-for-old-white-guys anymore! One particularly funny photo shoot had us corralling dogs in glasses & ties around a boardroom table.

Rogers iPad initiative: breaking new ground

As a design lead on a small team I worked on the strategy for Rogers communications iPad initiative. At the time we were pioneers in the land of tablet magazines so the challenges and rewards were equally great.

Toronto Life, Special Issues

I worked on the launch of this vibrant city magazine’s extended family of publications: Stylebook, Cookbook, Real Estate, City Home, Weddings… This a was a labour of love that almost turned me into a snob, since I was constantly after the best new it-model/taco/cafe. Hectic yet rewarding, photo shoots had me running after an actress through a greenhouse, constructing a wedding cake out of cheese and riding a rickety bike up and down a busy street while a photographer snapped photos for a cover.

Select Illustrations

A range of digital and hand-made collages for Maclean’s, Coach House books, Report on Business and Sex, etc., on topics from literary wars to sex ed.

What’s next?

I’m currently inventing a brand new travel publication for an airport, but I can’t disclose the details. It’s a total dream project for me, since I’ve been enamoured with travel ever since I was a child. My parents even used to take me to the airport just to watch the planes take off.

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