The pilot stage of BBC Connected Studio

09 October 2012

CMeebies is an idea that has emerged out of the third BBC Connected Studio around CBeebies, the BBC product for children up to six years old.

I went along to the day-long session at MediaCity UK, Salford and teamed up with some people to pitch an idea. It revolved around creating magic for children using technology, but combining it with nurturing elements to back up and give substance to the magic.

We called it a “CMeebie”. It is a digital CBeebies friend app that goes with you across all four screens and beyond.

Think of your CMeebie as a much-loved toy or invisible friend in the guise of a favourite CBeebies character.  It’s a companion guiding you to the website, finding the stuff you like and showing you new stuff that you might like and it’s a friend that plays with you and sets you challenges via a mobile app.

After making it through the first and second stages of the process, it is now at the pilot stage. You can read more on the BBC website about the first set of pilots.

The team working on CMeebies is made up of people from the BBC Games Grid, Animated YorkshireThought DenWe Are Thought Fox and @LisaAKendrick.

I can’t wait to get started!