Barjeel Art Foundation

  • Art direction & design
  • Concept & strategy
  • Digital development

For Barjeel Art Foundation we did a ground-up rebranding and website design and build.

Design: We began by replacing Barjeel’s existing logo with a more contemporary one using a unique colour combination. The new logo more accurately represents the foundation and set the tone for the project while acting as anchor for wide reaching components from promotional materials to the website, exhibition catalogue and stationery.

The look of the new Barjeel Art Foundation is friendly, accessible, bold and authoritative.

Build and Development: The cornerstone for Barjeel online is one part website and one part searchable archive of the collection. Central to our concept is to have a range of paths visitors to the site can use to explore the collection or to search out specific information. Content is organised in predictable sequences with content from art, artist and exhibition visually related.

The site incorporates colour-branded maps using google maps api and also a mini travel guide to make the trip to Sharjah less intimidating for those not familiar with the city.